London Sights

London is a huge city with a multitude of things to see and do. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. I can take the stress out of planning how to enjoy it, by introducing you to some of its beloved sites or tailoring a tour to suit your specific tastes.
A half day of Rothko? Interested in architecture? No problem.
Below is a list of some of my more popular tour destinations. So relax, take advantage of my experience and knowledge and enjoy yourself in some of the most historic and inspiring places in the world.

Tower of London

Tower of London – A 1000 years’ of England’s history can be found here. Learn all about the Guardians of the Tower: the Ravens, why the Yeomen Wardens are called Beefeater, about the cruel tortures and listen to fascinating stories of prisoners and kings and queens. And last but not least – do admire the world famous crown jewels, the real ones.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey – The most historic and fascinating church to visit. The Royal Church. The Coronation Church. The Wedding Church. The Burial Church. See the 700 year old coronation chair, walk in the footsteps of Kate Middleton when she married her Prince William in 2011, and let me tell you about some (not all!) of the over 3300 people buried here: Elisabeth I, Mary Stuart, Isaac Newton, Georg Friedrich Händel, just to name a few.

Aerial view of St Paul's cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral – Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece: the Dome of Hope still stands in the City like a rock. Find out why Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981 took place here, why Winston Churchill did not want to be buried at St Paul’s after his state funeral, visit the grave of England’s 2 greatest heroes: Nelson and Wellington and if you feel fit enough, let’s climb the steps to the magnificent dome for breathtaking views of London.

Tate Britain – A Jewel on the Thames. This beautiful building houses the largest collection of British Art. The Pre -Raphaelites, John Constable, David Hockney, Anthony Gormley, to name just a few. But it’s also the home to the paintings of J W M Turner, England’s most famous and popular romantic landscape painter. You will love him too.

Bridget Riley painting from the Tate ModernTate Modern – You not only find Modern Art in here, but also the fascinating building is worth a visit. Converted by Swiss Architects Herzog & de Meuron from a power station to a Cathedral of Modern Art, one of the most visited art galleries worldwide, it is awe inspiring. And even skeptics will be taken in by works from Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol

The National Gallery at night

National Gallery – England’s National Gallery houses a great collection of West-European Art from 13th to 20th Century and the biggest Renaissance Collection outside Italy. I will show you the crème de la crème: mysterious Leonardo da Vinci, tragic Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh, dramatic Caravaggio, as well as interesting portraits and impressive landscapes.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace – We will stroll through the park and visit the Palace – former home of Diana, Princess of Wales, now her son William lives here with his family.  Although we won’t see their private apartments, but the rooms of former kings and queens: William III and MaryII, Queen Anne and George II and Queen Caroline. Find out all about their tragic lives and deaths – some quite bizarre.

British museum

British Museum – The Museum of all Museums. Can be overwhelming, but not with me. An adventurous journey through different continents and civilizations. We will understand the secret of the Rosetta Stone, admire the controversial Elgin marbles of the Parthenon, look up at the beautiful face of Ramesses II, follow an exiting lion hunt, see the best-preserved mummy in the world and much more.

Museum of London – The history of London made easy. From the good old Romans who founded Londinium 2000 years ago, and which we call to this day the Famous Square Mile, to the Great Fire of London, the Black Death, the Georgians, the swinging 60’s to today’s modern and yet traditional London.

Victoria and Albert museum

Victoria & Albert Museum – The world’s most important and largest museum of decorative arts and design. Here is something for everyone: sculptures, carpets, vases and … the story of its foundation: the love story of Queen Victoria and her beloved husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.